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Aga Receiving a Thermomix award

Become A Thermomix Advisor

If you enjoy being around people, would like flexible hours and love food and cooking, this could well be a great way to earn some extra income and make some fabulous friends.

Join the Thermomix® Family

Becoming a Thermomix advisor is an opportunity to enjoy additional income while enjoying training, managing your own time freely, and benefiting from professional development, all in a friendly atmosphere. Join my team and work with me to find out more. 

Working for a direct sales company like Vorwerk can be advantageous in current economic times due to a number of factors. We offer flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. This can be especially beneficial during times of economic uncertainty when remote work is becoming more common. You have the ability to manage your own time and work around your other commitments.


Another advantage of working for a direct sales company, like Thermomix and Vorwerk is the resilience of our business model. People still need products and services even during tough economic times, and direct sales can provide a way to access those products without having to go to a physical store. By providing a convenient and accessible way for customers to purchase products, we can often weather economic downturns more effectively than other industries. During the COVID pandemic when companies were struggling we had more sales and recruited more advisors than ever before.

Joining My Team

My team are a great bunch of people who share my passion for the Thermomix and are committed to helping each other achieve their goals.

Whether that is earning your Thermomix for free (or getting a discount), progressing onto one sale a month to help pay for your children’s piano lessons, football class or tutor, or building a side income to help out with household expenses or to save for a family holiday, we help all individuals with their goals.


What started off as a hobby for me has become a successful business where my income is significant enough to make it a career. 



If you would like to join my team or discuss the opportunity call me on 07824 611882

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